Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started with your SmartTheater. We’re here for you 24/7. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch with us at: support@smarttheatervr.com

Any iPhone® 5 or iPod Touch® 5 or above running IOS 8.0 or higher and any Android™ 4.1 or higher, including the iPhone® 6S Plus and the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

If you have an Apple® smartphone, you can go to the App Store. If you have an Android™ smartphone, you can go to the Google Play Store. Once you’ve entered the appropriate store, simply do a search for “VR apps” or “virtual reality” and you will find hundreds to choose from. The vast majority of them are free!

VR apps are made by many different types of companies, individual artists and animators, which is great! However, that means the apps you download may be set up to launch in different ways. Some of them are created to automatically start in VR mode, which means your screen is split in two, with an image for the right eye and one for the left eye. This is also called, “side by side” mode. Other apps launch in, what is called, “regular” mode, which means it’s one large image and not a split screen. This is for people who don’t have a VR headset, but still want to try the VR apps. For these apps, it’s necessary for you to select VR mode when the app is launched. In order to select the VR mode, some apps display a little Google Cardboard icon [place image of icon here] and others simply say, VR mode. In either case, you just tap the screen over the icon or text and the app will convert to split screen. Place your smartphone into the SmartTheater® headset and you’re now good to go!

Currently, the YouTube 360˚ videos are only compatible with the Android™ smartphones. When you select a video and launch it, tap on the Google Cardboard icon on the lower right hand side of the screen, which will convert the video to a side by side view (split screen with an image for the right eye and one for the left eye). Then place your smartphone into the headset and enjoy! YouTube is promising to add this functionality for iPhones, so we hope to see it soon!

The QR code is used to calibrate your smartphone and headset, so that the VR app content is as clear as possible. When you scan the QR code, your smartphone and the SmartTheater® headset will be perfectly calibrated.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the “Google Cardboard” app found in the App Store or the Google Play store. Once you download “Google Cardboard,” launch it and look for the gear icon on the bottom center of the screen. Simply tap on the gear icon to go to the settings menu. Then, click on the “Current Viewer” button and point the camera on your smartphone at the QR code on the bottom of your SmartTheater® headset.

Your calibration will be set and stored for all future Google Cardboard apps you download in the future, which number in the hundreds today and is constantly growing everyday.

This is an activation trigger used in some apps to start it, or pause a video or control an action, such as firing a laser beam in a game. In some cases, the trigger allows you to enter certain places in the game or app where you’d like to go.

Some apps use “gaze activation” to select objects within the app. Simply gaze or stare at an object or text for a second or two within the app to ‘select’ and move to the next screen.

Smartphones have different size screens that are positioned in different ways on the face of your particular smartphone. Some screens are centered on the face of the phone; others are positioned closer to the top. In either case, when you place your phone onto the front of the headset, try to center the screen, not the phone itself, in the middle of the headset and make sure it’s straight, for the best viewing results.

Most people who need glasses for distance will not need them for virtual reality apps, since the screen rests closely to their face. Most people needing reading glass will be able to take them off and simply adjust each of the lenses forwards and backwards to achieve a clear image. The more powerful a prescription for reading is, the closer the lenses should be adjusted towards to the eye.

The distance between our eyes and pupils differ from person to person, which is why it’s important to adjust the lenses on your SmartTheater® left and right, when you first launch a virtual reality app, to achieve the clearest image for yourself. You’ll also notice that you can adjust each lens forwards and backward to achieve an even clearer image.

Image quality from VR app to app differ significantly depending on how they were developed.  Some applications are made with video, others are designed in virtual 3d environments like a typical video game.  Different quality graphics, cameras, experience and equipment shape the quality of the application. Videos are best in high definition, 4K HD or above.  The production capacity is getting better everyday, and smartphone processors and resolutions are increasing every day.  We’re confident the quality of VR apps and videos will continue to improve quickly. For now, we think it’s pretty awesome, as it is!

Simply use a moist, lint free cloth to clean the inner and outer plastic surfaces of the headset and antimicrobial foam face rest. It’s also a good idea to use a microfiber cloth or paper lens cloth to occasionally clean the lenses if they become dusty or have fingerprints on them. You may want to consider purchasing our custom made storage case, which will protect your investment for years to come. It also includes a microfiber lens cloth for cleaning the lenses.

Many smaller phones will work better if they have a phone case.  We recommend padding smaller cellphones with larger cases. We try to accomodate the widest variety of phones possible.

Some of the newer Samsung phones have a slightly raised “home button” on the front of them. Please send us an email with your address to support@smarttheatervr.com and we’ll send you a part to fix this issue.

Please write us an email to our customer support team about any questions you might have: support@smarttheatervr.com. You are our most valuable asset and we hope to work together to keep you satisfied and assist us in creating even better products in the future! If you’re having problems with any of our products, I’m sure we can help you solve them, so please reach out to us! Thank you!